Deanna tries Markdown

I’m a few weeks into my technical writing course with the STC. If I’m not doing coursework I’m probably perusing articles on Medium re: technical writing, or trying to learn some new technical skill related to technical writing. The latest skill I am trying to learn is Markdown.

While looking up job postings on LinkedIn and Indeed, I kept noticing that HTML, XML and Markdown were two technical skills most companies wanted from potential candidates. Naturally, I decided that I wanted to learn all three. I know the basics of HTML: classes, div, tags, adding images and links. XML is confusing to me, so I’m saving that for later down the road. Markdown, I’m finding, is much much easier than the other two markup languages.

Markdown is fairly simple to use; you don’t need any fancy programming skills to use it, which is great. I actually wrote a very simple set of instructions for students who need to learn how to use dropboxes in our LMS .


The simple, plain text format is a great way to start this process for someone like me with no formal training in technical writing. I think I will write some more documentation in Markdown before trying to learn more advanced HTML techniques.

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